Newport Body Works wellness and beauty lounge in Costa Mesa, California. A self-care destination.

Welcome to Newport Body Works

Newport Body Works is a wellness lounge offering treatments and services to support your body recovery and mindfulness goals, in a comfortable and functional space. The services we provide use effective modern methods, in comfortable private spaces, to enhance your physical recovery and maintenance, relaxation, and self-care goals.

About Us

Newport Body Works Wellness Lounge offers a well-balanced variety of services and treatments to support your body recovery and self-care routine, including Red Light and Near Infrared Light (NIR) Therapy using full body light panels; Normatec Compression Sleeve Therapy; Hypervolt Percussion Massage Devices; Infrared Saunas with chromotherapy lighting for the added benefit of light therapy; Cold Plunge Tubs; Float Therapy Pods (Sensory Deprivation Therapy); IV Therapy; and Aesthetic services. Our services are offered in private rooms, with carefully selected amenities, designed for comfortable and effective sessions.


float pod with colored lights in Newport Beach, CA. Ultimate Wellness Destination in California.
Private sauna and cold plunge for contrast therapy in Costa Mesa, California.
mito red light therapy in Costa Mesa, CA. Ultimate relaxation and wellness destination.
cryotherapy in Costa Mesa, California. Private sessions and private rooms for wellness retreats.

Our rooms offer carefully selected tools, contemporary technology, and thought-out amenities to incorporate maximized and effective sessions into your wellness routine. Whether you want to enhance your athletic performance and aid muscle recovery with less downtime, want the physical and mental benefits of heat, cold or light therapy, seek the benefits of IV therapy, or want a calming re-set with relaxation through float therapy, we are the space. Our mission is to provide an effective, educational, and functional environment for you to incorporate a variety of wellness methods into your routine. Our team is on-site and excited to share the benefits of the treatments we provide.

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2200 Harbor Blvd

Suite B-150

Costa Mesa, CA 92677