Illuminate Your Wellness Journey with Mito Red Light Therapy

Our body recovery room offers tools to support your wellness and body recovery goals. In addition to Normatec Compression Therapy devices, our body recovery room also offers full-body Red Light Therapy panels, in a comfortable private room fit to lounge. Designed for privacy and comfort, our body recovery room is equipped with a television and treatment tables, for a functional and comfortable wellness space.

Pricing for Mito Red Light Therapy Sessions

1 Session

✓ Private Room

✓ Full Room Amenities


10 Sessions

✓ Private Room

✓ Full Room Amenities


20 Sessions

✓ Private Room

✓ Full Room Amenities


Light Up Your Life with Mito Red Light Therapy

We offer full-body Mito high-quality Red Light and Near Infrared Light (NIR) therapy panels to enhance your wellness with benefits that continue after your session is done. Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy (NIR) are referred to as Red Light Therapy. Red Light Therapy uses specified wavelengths of light to stimulate cells for positive health benefits. Red and Near Infrared Lights are capable of reaching through many layers of body tissue, making it a valuable phototherapy treatment.

Red light, delivered at 660 nm (nanometers) targets surface tissues and cells, with benefits that may include: Skin rejuvenation; Stimulation of collagen production, and Encouraging energy production in cells for improved wound healing and tissue repair.

You may also choose to use NIR, delivered at 850 nm (nanometers). This NIR light is invisible to the human eye and penetrates deeper into the dermal layers of your skin.  Benefits may include: Quicker recovery; Decreased inflammation; Increase in HRV (heart rate variability); and Improved quality of sleep.

PRO TIP: To take your recovery to the next level, you may choose red light, plus pulsed NIR light, to boost your recovery, especially post-workout.

The Healing Power of Light

Relieve Pain.

✓ Relax Sore Muscles and Joints.

✓ Increase Blood Flow.

✓ Recover Faster by Promoting Wound Healing and Tissue Repair.

✓ Lessen Inflammation.

✓ Stimulate Collagen Production.

✓ Improve Quality of Sleep.

40 Sessions

✓ Private Room

✓ Full Room Amenities


Room Amenities and Inclusions

Here are the amenities included in your Compression Sleeve Therapy experience.

Full Body Red Light Therapy Panels

HyperVolt 2 Pro-Gun

Compression Products




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