Revitalize Your Recovery with Normatec Compression Therapy

Our body recovery room offers tools to support your wellness and body recovery goals. We offer Normatec Compression Sleeve Therapy in a comfortable private room fit to lounge. Designed for privacy and comfort, our body recovery room is equipped with a television and treatment tables, for a functional and comfortable wellness space.

About Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy merges technology and fitness for wellness benefits. During Compression Therapy, sleeves are put onto targeted areas of the body. As the sleeves compress and decompress, blood flow is encouraged through the body. The idea behind compression therapy is that when we increase blood flow, we encourage delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the targeted areas. Compression Therapy is designed to facilitate muscle recovery, to revive sore muscles, help reduce inflammation, and help decrease exercise-related wastes such as lactic acid. Compression Therapy has also been used to help with lymphatic drainage.

The goal is to help you to get stronger each workout, with less downtime. Normatec is amongst the top in the field of compression therapy technology, making it a company trusted by professional athletes.

Treatment Pricing for Compression Sleeve Therapy

30 Minutes

✓ Private Room

✓ Full Room Amenities


60 Minutes

✓ Private Room

✓ Full Room Amenities


90 Minutes

✓ Private Room

✓ Full Room Amenities


Discover the Transformative Benefits of Compression Therapy

Get the benefits of a massage without a massage therapist.

Warm up and recover like a professional athlete.

Increased lower body circulation.

Get a pre-workout pump.

Post-training recovery.

Reduce pain and soreness while reviving sore muscles.

Reduce inflammation and swelling.

Room Amenities and Inclusions

Here are the amenities included in your Compression Sleeve Therapy experience.

Full Body Red Light Therapy Panels

 HyperVolt 2 Pro-Gun

Compression Therapy Sleeves

Hyperice Venom Go Therapy Device

Massage Table




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