Transformative Float Therapy Experiences Await

Our Float Therapy rooms are designed for privacy and comfort, in a functional and comfortable wellness space. Each Float Therapy room is private, equipped with a shower, and contains purposeful amenities to maximize the benefit of your session.

Pricing for Float Therapy

Single Session/Walk-Ins

30 minute Float - $50

60 Minute Float - $65

90 Minute Float - $90

Inside Our Ultimate Float Therapy Experience

Our daily hustle is filled with stress and physical exertion. Float Therapy helps you disconnect and relax, putting your mind and body at ease. Float therapy entails floating in a closed pod that is dark and quiet. The float chamber is filled with shallow warm water that is saturated with magnesium salt (Epsom salt), giving your body buoyancy to effortlessly float. Once you close the float pod lid, sealing yourself off from the outside, you enjoy the benefits of a break to reflect and re-set. Newport Body Works offers Dreampod float pods, providing a generous amount of room for your comfort.

Benefits of Float Therapy may include: Improved concentration and focus by eliminating distractions; Muscle relaxation induced by magnesium in the water, Improved work out recovery and reduced muscle soreness;  Relaxation and calmness;  Reduced stress; and Reaching a relaxed state to help foster sounder sleep.

You may also experience skin benefits from Float Therapy, such as: Natural exfoliation; Skin smoothness; and Skin detoxification, from the magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt) in the float pod water.

Incorporating a float session into your wellness routine is an effective way to foster calmness and clarity,  facilitate muscle recovery, and naturally reduce stress.

The Benefits of Float Therapy

✓ Potential to absorb healthy minerals from the water such as magnesium sulfate (in Epsom Salt), through the skin. An hour float may supplement the body’s magnesium requirement.

✓ Floating reduces stress on the back, hips, and joints. This is also beneficial to address sore muscles.

✓ Magnesium is a natural sedative that may help relieve muscle aches, back pain, migraines, and insomnia.

✓ Promotes calmness and relaxation.

✓ Improves blood circulation and the distribution of oxygen and nutrients.

✓ Reduces blood pressure and heart rate, giving the body a natural way to release stress.




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